NEW Beached Bear Collection

Our latest hand crafted collection has been hand painted by Papa bear. Below is the inspiration behind the painting he did to create the latest print in our new collection. 

The ocean is a vast and untamed wilderness, where man has only dared leave its footprint from the safety of the surface. Only few have had courage enough to venture beyond the waves and enter the depths to which there seems no end. A last true wilderness that is home to a powerful and majestic creature, the hump back whale. The water colour painting used to create this print was inspired by the artists true awe of the ocean, and this magnificent animal that dwells in its depths. Wesley Whale is a reminder to us all of the incredible beauty found in nature, and the responsibility that we have to care for it, not only for ourselves, but for these magnificent creatures and our precious children, so that they too may stand in awe of the magnificence of the hump back whale.