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Disposable vs Modern cloth nappies

The widely used disposable nappy has had a detrimental impact on our environment and has substantially increased the weekly expenditure of households with infants. We here at THREE LITTLE BEARS believe that we as parents have a great opportunity to drastically reduce our environmental footprint, simply by using reusable modern cloth nappies. According to figures released by ‘ibisWorld’, Australians alone will use 5.6 MILLION nappies every day, this compiles to an astonishing 2 BILLION nappies going to landfill every year. Not only do disposable nappies create an incredible amount of waste adding to landfill, they also require a considerable amount of water and energy to produce. Ironically these nappies are also non-biodegradable, with studies showing that they can take up to 500 years to decompose.

At THREE LITTLE BEARS we provide eco-friendly modern cloth nappies (MCNs) that can help the environment and create a more sustainable future for our little children.

Benefits of Our Nappies

Saving money long term
Reduce our impact on the environment and creating a more sustainable future for our children
Our modern cloth nappies are all chemical free and easy to use
We use natural bamboo materials for some of our liners
Plus the little ones look super cute in the range of different cloth nappies we have to offer

Three Little Bears Nappies

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