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How often should I change MCN's?

Nappies should be changed every two hours. This helps prevent leaks as cloth nappies can only hold so much liquid. However, a double up of inserts can allow you to get a longer wear. We recommend using a microfiber and bamboo insert in the pocket of the nappy. (Bamboo on the bottom as that tends to hold moisture for longer). If your child is a heavy wetter more inserts can be added. Cloth nappies are different for all babies so experimenting with the amount of inserts and types of inserts will be different for everyone.

How do I wash and care for my nappies?

We recommend that you follow 'clean cloth nappies' wash routine. You can find this by searching 'clean cloth nappies' in google. Below is a brief description taken from their website.

  1. Knock any solids into the toilet and then store used nappy in a dry bucket until ready to wash. (Do not soak nappies in bucket as this will cause them to wear faster).
  2. Use the shortest prewash cycle in the machine with only a small amount of detergent.
  3. Next complete a main wash whilst use the longest wash option on your machine (this is generally the cotton setting). Add the full recommended amount of detergent for a heavily soiled load. (if your machine is not full you can add other small items of laundry in this main wash) there is no need for a extra rinse.
  4. You can tumble dry on a low heat but the best option is to dry nappies in the sun as the sun naturally bleaches the nappies.

How many nappies do I need? 

We recommend at least 10 Three Little Bears AU nappies to get you started, however 20 is advised if you are planning on using our nappies full time. This is because newborns generally go through 7-10 nappies a day however this decreases to about 4-5 as your baby gets older. By purchasing 20 nappies it prevents the need to wash everyday.

Should I wash my nappy prior to use?

Yes, definitely. Think of the liner as a towel, towels only really start to soak up water after being washed. One wash should be enough however if you have a heavy wetter, a further two washes is recommended to increase absorbency.

What detergent should I use?

Any mainstream detergent is appropriate. However if you use a plant based, eco or sensitive detergent, increase the quantity of detergent to 1.5- 2 times the recommended amount as these detergents are weaker than the normal detergent.

For more information on detergent quantities use the link below:

Why are my nappies leaking?

Leakage can occur due to a number of reasons. Firstly if it is the first time using your nappy the insert may not be fully absorbent. That is why we recommend washing nappies and inserts at least one to three times before use. Second, the sizing may not be correct on your child. Make sure the gussets are tight around the thighs to prevent leakage. Another cause of leakage can be due to the nappy being left on too long, make sure you change the nappy frequently. Finally if these options have already been considered there may be a build-up of detergent, oils or barrier creams on the insert which hinders absorbency. Therefore refresh your nappies by:

  • Washing the nappies on a warm cycle with no detergent
  • Wash again on a warm to hot wash with a small squirt of dish washing liquid as this will help strip the fibres
  • Followed by the rinse cycle on your machine
  • Line dry

What do I do with the inserts?

Inserts can be used three ways:

  1. Put the insert inside the pocket of the nappy.
  2. Put the insert on the top of the suede lining (bamboo only), this can give you more use of the nappy as in some cases only a changing of a insert is needed.
  3. Double up (recommended)- use our microfiber and bamboo insert together to get 3 plus hours of wear. You can place the inserts inside the pocket or on top of the suede (or one on each). Just be sure to make sure the microfiber is not directly on baby’s skin.


How do I adjust the size?

The size is adjusted with the 3 rows of snaps (9 snaps in total)          

 +   +   +       row 1 

 +   +   +       row 2 

 +   +   +       row 3

For the small size - fold the bottom row of snaps (row 3) up and clip them into row 1

For the medium size - fold the middle row of snaps (row 2) up and clip them into row 1

For the large size - leave all 3 rows unsnapped

The other snaps are used to adjust the size around the waist (very top row) and around the legs (second row from top)

Do I need a cover/ pitcher?

No, ‘Three Little Bears’ nappies have a waterproof outer shell, so no leakage will occur.

Strip and Sanitise

A strip and sanitise is where an extensive wash routine takes place to get your nappies and inserts back to brand new. This should be done at least twice a year or additionally if your nappies have stains or smells which don’t disappear with the normal wash routine above. All details for a strip and sanitise is found on the website below.

Clean cloth nappies down under- strip and sanitise.

Swim Nappies

Our swim nappies are a one size fits most design (OSFM). They have adjustable press studs and can be fitted exactly like cloth nappies. (Look at above questions to correct the fit) Swim nappies do not need inserts, they should be worn as they come. They are like disposable swim nappies where they do not absorb any moisture (wee) and are just there to catch the poo.
Wash with like colours no hotter than 30 degrees.

How do I wash my nursing pads?

Nursing pads can be mixed with other laundry items. Remember to was your nursing pads after purchase to increase their absorbency.