How to deal with the crap

This blog is literally talking about how to deal with the crap when using cloth nappies, .aka. how to poo off cloth nappies. I feel I have to talk about this because it is one of my biggest nose turners when I tell people I use cloth nappies on my little ones. Who else has had this issue? Well, if you use cloth nappies you will know exactly what I am talking about.


So let me explain ways to make it easier and less daunting for those on the edge of using reusable nappies. Truthfully it was a bit gross for me thinking of doing this before I had my first little cub, but like all the old ladies tell you “when you have your own baby its not that gross”.


However I must warn you that babies go through multiple stages of their lives, which means multiple types of poo you will be scrapping off you nappies. It starts with meconium, the sticky black tar which you find in your babies nappies on day 1 and 2 earthside. This then changes to liquid poos and goes through a whole cycle of sloppy, to hard and plop-able poos. HA


So my biggest tip to you is to get yourselves some reusable gloves (like washing up gloves) and a poop scrapper (dish washing brush which you can find at most big stores like Kmart/ big W/ woolies) This will help you escape from the ‘yukness’ of dealing with pooey nappies.


We always recommend trying to get as much poo off into the toilet as possible, this is where the gloves and brush comes in. Use the brush to scrap as much as you can into the toilet, some nappies may need a quick rinse also before chucking them into the washing machine. But with these 2 tools it makes it a lot easier and mess free.


Now with babies who are purely feed milk (breast feed or formula feed), because their poo’s are liquid, it is fine to put the nappies straight into the machine, just make sure you use our washing guidelines and do the pre- wash and the main wash to give it that deep clean.


There you have it! Dealing with the crap is not so hard, using cloth nappies is not hard either! pretty simple really, and by using my tips there are no reasons to get your hands dirty.

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