Leaking like a tap?

I went to a great market the other night with all our usual products in tow, I was actually super keen for this one as it was a night market to help support breast cancer, but filled with mamma's and mamma's to be so I felt right at home.

This conversation made my night…….

This one lady (who is expecting her first little one early next year) came to our stall and held up our nursing pad and asked me if this was used to wipe a baby’s bum!! Hahaha I just had to laugh and started to explain that they are used for your boobies!

‘So you don’t spring a leak and let the whole world see’ I announced!. She couldn’t believe that this would even happen!

I went on to ask her if she plans on breastfeeding her little bub when it’s born.

‘Ahhh yes I hope to’ she replied.

‘Well you will probably need some of these just so you don’t get caught out' I explained ‘when I had my little one I leaked like a tap for the first few months, this wasn’t just when my little one was hungry but when I heard babies cry, when I got too hot, when I laid on a certain angle…. And the list goes on!’

‘Do you think I could just get away with one pair?’ she asked curiously



Hahaha the things you don’t really think about when having your first little one. I remember I was such a newbie I had to ask my midwife to show me how to change a nappy, let alone know anything about leaky boobs! But that’s what is great about becoming a mother you learn so much and not just from others, but from this deep gut feeling you get, known as a mothers instinct.

However with saying all this, every person has a different experience, some mothers cannot breastfeed or choose not to breastfeed, also some mothers who do breastfeed never experience this at all, there are some breastfeeding mothers who may only leak at night and not during the day, and there are some fire hydrants who can’t seem to stop. Whatever the case, when it comes to boobs and babies, it is all a beautiful case of motherhood.

Back to our nursing pads… or ‘breast pads’ as some like to say. Most people are unaware that there are actual things as reusable ones. I personally went through multiple packs of disposables until I found out there was a better way (in more ways than one). Reusable breast pads need to be soft, cause let’s be realistic mamma's our boobs are sore enough as it is after birth, and the last thing we want is sandpaper scratching down on cracked nipples. Reusable breast pads must have the correct absorbency layers; ours come with a layer of bamboo (amazing for holding it moisture) a layer of microfiber (great at absorbing) and a water proof layer (just in case). Also make sure when you are looking around you find ones that have a bigger surface area, therefore no need to change them as often and let’s not kid ourselves into thinking we will be wearing our skimpy lingerie whilst breast feeding ;) hahaha

Nursing pads are multi functioning, they help out a lactating mother, but they are also there to help the environment and decrease the amount of waste us humans produce. So if you’re a mum, a mum to be or you know of someone who is expecting, help them and our environment out and delve into the world of reusable nursing pads.


Love mama bear


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