Our new cloth nappy collection.

A few of you already know, and for those who don't, ‘Three Little Bears’ will be releasing their brand new collection on the 3rd of November at 8pm AEST. Never did I think that this day would actually happen…. I mean I was a teacher! Not a business owner, and now we have developed further to designing our own line of cloth nappies. Super exciting! However this is definitely not a self gloat moment, more of a praise to our loyal customers! You guys are great! And your ongoing support and feedback about our products is what has got us here now!


Anyway, enough about our business and more about what is coming your way. So our collection is called beached bear…. Can you guess the theme of our new modern cloth nappy prints…



its the ocean!


Now why did we choose this theme?.. Well for starters our family are little beach bums, we love being by the ocean all the time. Truthfully my little bears are the happiest when playing in the sand, jumping through the waves or discovering creatures within the rock pools. Whats not to love!


Besides our love of all things ocean, we thought that by creating ocean themed prints we could raise some awareness around our nature and being waste free. By having cloth nappies and cute ocean designs it allows people to see an alternative to disposable baby products… mainly being nappies. Lets keep our oceans clean and reuse not pollute!


Not just nappies, but in December we will be releasing totally new products within the reusable area. We have decided to branch out and provide reusable sanitary products to women. These will all have our beached bear designs on them. I hope you guys take a liking to them, as we will trial them for a few months and if they are popular, we will be releasing new designs of them mid next year.


Anyway if you follow us on social media you would have seen that I was going to give you an insight into what will be released on the 3rd of Nov….
Well we have 4 prints in total, Our ‘Whale Wesley’ print has been up for some time now, but the next clue I will give you, is that one of our prints is called….. ‘Salty Seahorse’.




Stay salty TLB lovers,


love Mama Bear x

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