What makes us different

So here is the big Question…’what makes our cloth nappy business different from the rest?’

Hmmmmm where do I begin, when I started this business there were maybe 6 or 7 other nappy companies that I was competing with, but as I am writing this today I can count at least one to two dozen  more! This is great… in no way am I shaming or getting mad that others have jumped on the band wagon, in fact it’s actually great to see others promoting the use of cloth nappies!, it just poses the question why would  you  support our business?

1st--Well for starters I am an Aussie mum….actually located in a small city called Wollongong in NSW. Now what’s so important that I am a mum …well…  I have used countless amounts of different nappies on my children to try and find what I personally liked best. I love the design of our nappies as I found them the easiest and most practical type of nappy. I have tried them out on two of my babies and I can’t fault them for the price.

2nd –We are a family run business—I know a lot of people don’t care about this but hear me out--- so when you buy cloth nappies from big companies you are supporting people who have multiple businesses and use this as a way to gain more money to put into their 3rd yacht – (do they really care about what they are selling you??) whereas every product you buy from our store—or any other small store, goes directly back into their business to find ways to make it better for you and more affordable, plus any extra money (if I’m lucky to get that) goes towards my children, putting food on our table and so forth. I am not saying without your support I would be poor, I am extremely grateful to have a husband who has a full time job; all I am saying is try and think beyond the initial purchase.

Why else are we different??

3rd --Well I have tried to be different from a lot of other nappy stores and actually reduced the price on cloth nappies. If you have done your research you will see that an average cloth nappy is around the $25 mark. Which I think is crazy! Especially given the fact that after having a baby it reduces the household income as one parent is usually at home looking after the baby, or the baby has to go to day-care, which equals loss of money. Not only that but also why is it so expensive to help our environment?—all these new environmental products are so expensive that it makes people turn to disposable products. That is why we have tried to reduce our nappies to $16 and even lower for some designs. This is still higher than I would like them to be, but at this current moment my business cannot afford to drop the prices any further.  So yes we are affordable!

4th--We don’t support sweat shops!
 We design our own products; however we do have a manufacturer to make them. When going into this business I really wanted to make sure that we chose a manufacturer with good morals and someone who looked after their staff. We finally found one after talking to numerous companies, we gathered all their certificates and documentation, and I even got them to send me photos of their working conditions so I could understand what was really going on. And I am super happy with our manufacturer and we actually have a great relationship.

Anyway these are my 4 reasons for ‘what makes us different from the rest’. This blog is not meant to persuade you into buying our products but more to get you thinking about who you are purchasing from… are you supporting a small family businesses, a local business, a friends business? By doing this you can help not only that individual/ family but also Australia.


Mama bear

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So proud of you in creating this business. I wish you all the success.

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