Why cloth nappies?

Why Cloth Nappies?

Personally, I have been trying to delay writing this blog for a long time as I find the pros for using cloth nappies so overwhelming. I find it frustrating to try and tell people every reason for why I do what I do.

So trying not to overwhelm you with statistics and numbers I will try and put the facts down simply by telling you the negatives of disposable nappies and the positives of cloth nappies.


Disposable nappies kill our environment!

In many ways and not just one. The whole point of cloth nappies is so they are used over and over again, not chucked out after a couple of hours or in some case minutes! It is predicted that disposable nappies take 500+ years to decompose. Which means to this date not one disposable nappy has broken down yet. (So therefore, it could take longer than what is previously assumed as this has not yet been proven). Yes, this is terrible! all these disposable nappies are going to landfill. Not to mention the waste and chemicals they leech into the environment as disposables are not chemical free.
If we move away from the topic of landfill and waste we can also see how damaging disposables are by looking at the products used to make them. Millions of trees are cut down each year to make the fine wood chips that are used within disposable nappies. And lets not begin on the plastic!

Cloth nappies are better for baby’s skin.

Cloth nappies are made with no chemicals unlike disposables, so there for less likely to get rashes and reactions on a babies delicate skin. Also, you must change cloth nappies more regularly than disposables. This is because the absorbing factor for a day cloth nappy is not as high as a disposable nappy. By changing cloth nappies frequently, it allows a baby’s skin to breathe more often, and it does not let the baby sit in their own wee for a long period of time.


Save money by using cloth.

People have argued with this for a while, but the facts have shown that although you spend a bigger upfront coast buying all your cloth nappies it works out thousands of dollars cheaper for the entire period you little one is in nappies. And yes, this is putting into account money spent on washing detergent and power for the washing machine and dryer. Also, if you have multiple children in cloth you can pass the nappies down therefore reducing another cost of buying more cloth nappies. For exact money spent per month on cloth nappies head to our facebook page to see the article.


Our cloth nappies use natural fibres.

Our cloth inserts and reusable breast pads currently use bamboo as the absorbing factor. These are made from natural products and not synthetics. Again, showing you how it is safe for children’s skin.


Cloth nappies are more attractive.

You have to admit that seeing little ones with bright designs on their toosh is pretty cute. And plus, no need to buy pants in summer which equals to even less money spent!

These are the biggest reasons why people are using cloth and switching from disposables. There are many more that I could go into and in much more depth too! But let’s just start with some simple info now and we can delve into more issues as time goes by.


Love mama bear X



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