Night Nappy Inserts

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Our 'Night Nappy Inserts' are composed of 2x five layer bamboo inserts. These luxuriously soft organic inserts are made to absorb and hold fluid for up to 10 hours.

We advise to pair our 'night nappy inserts' with the microfiber insert you receive with our nappies: Therefore to compose a night nappy you will need:
1x MCN shell

1x microfiber insert (comes with all our nappies)

1x purchase of 'night nappy inserts' (2 individual bamboo inserts)

Additionally, place all inserts inside the pocket of the nappy for optimal comfort of your child.

If you are finding your inserts moderately dry in the morning you can reduce the night nappy inserts to one 5 layer bamboo insert and the one microfiber insert. Please also bear in mind that our night nappy inserts are most absorbent after 5x washes. 

Night nappies must be washed straight after use due to the high levels of urine build up, for washing and care information go to our FAQ page.