Night Time Flow

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Our 'Night Time Flow' comes with :

  • 2x Day pad
  • 3x Night pad

Our pads are made from three layers of material; 

  • The inner layer is made from a super soft natural mixed fiber of bamboo and charcoal
  • The middle layer is made of a fast absorbing microfiber (thickness depending on type of pad)
  • The outer layer is made from a breathable, waterproof laminate, printed in one of our hand painted designs.

All our pads come with a snap attachment, which you snap around the bottom of your underwear to keep them fastened during wear. Simply un-snap when used and start again.

Washing and care:

Rinse your pad under water until the water runs clear. Then simply throw in the wash with your normal laundry load. We recommend a warm wash, however this is not necessary. If you are using cloth nappies, you can wash according to their guidelines.

Flow Recommendations:

Liner- for spotting or can be used on light days. Also a great option for incontinence.

Day pad- these are for day use on any of your period days/

Night pad- Night time use especially in the first few nights. Also a great option for postpartum bleeding.