Sanitary Pad- Liner

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Our Liner is made from three layers of material; 

  • The inner layer is made from a super soft natural mixed fiber of bamboo and charcoal
  • The middle layer is made of a fast absorbing microfiber 
  • The outer layer is made from a breathable, waterproof laminate printed in our 'Shore Shells' print.

Our liners are suitable for a low flow. We generally recommend wear for spotting or on the last days of your period. Change your liner when you start feeling wetness on the  pad.

All our pads come with a snap attachment, which you snap around the bottom of your underwear to keep them fastened during wear. Simply un-snap when used and start again.

Washing and care:

Rinse your pad under water until the water runs clear. Then simply throw in the wash with your normal laundry load. We recommend a warm wash, however this is not necessary. If you are using cloth nappies, you can wash according to their guidelines.