Wet Bag- Blue Blush

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Our wet bags can be used a number of ways. Firstly they can be used for storage of soiled nappies when out and about, this is a great alternative to plastic disposable nappy bags as our wet bags can be washed and reused. Our wet bags are also popular for storage of swimmers for after a day paddling in the pool, as out wet bags are made from a polyester laminate it keeps all the water within the bag. We also have had children using our funky wet bags for their library books and lunch boxes. Use our wet bags for anything you can think off and let us know what cool ideas you can come up with.

Wet bag features include:

  • One zipper for easy storage of nappies/ swimmers
  • Our wet bags can easily hold 4 -5 soiled nappies
  • 100% polyester laminate (waterproof)
  • Snap on the handle. This allows you to easily snap your wet bag to your pram/ nappy bag.
  • Easy to wash. Wash on a cold cycle with like colours, alternatively if you purchase our nappies you can wash them all together.